Performance in the streets of Paris. During the last lockdown 2021. Starring Casey Abrams.

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The green fellows 2021


Partnership with Chromavid application

Credits: Le cercle des artistes

The green fellows are everywhere !

Download the application « Chromavid » with a QR code and change the scenery as you wish. 

Live your "dream life" and get out of lockdown with a simple click... 


In the midst of a crisis, multidisciplinary artist, Marie Serruya, brings one of her works to life: a sculpture on a green background representing the singer Casey Abrams hair in the wind. Their meeting starts here and it's accompanied by dancers, circus artists, actors, choreographers and with the participation of the musician himself that she creates an explosive performance in the streets of Paris!

A hymn to freedom in partnership with the association La Vie en rose and #Lforliberty, creator of unusual actions.


And that's how the green fellows were born…! 

Throughout this year 2021, from Paris to Los Angeles, from Saint Tropez to Todos Santos,… the Green Fellows have made passers-by dance!

Thus, Marie Serruya uses the simple principle of the green screen to change the surroundings and imagine ourself in a heavenly place no matter the location. 

The costumes of the green fellows covers the mouth and nose, it is "Covid free" to give the opportunity to restore human interaction, find happiness and disco on every street corner!