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Jakmousse +-, Cataoutchouc, immersive installations, Les chaudronneries de Montreuil

Just another exhibition, Solo show, White and black studios, Bowral, Australia


Jakmousse +-, collective exhibition

The Wall of fame, Parcours Paris +, Poush, 

Biennale de l'image tangible, Paris

Talk for Unesco, Art & Dignity 

The green fellows, La nuit blanche, Paris

Le Fauvisme, Collective exhibition, Galerie A

Magic Girls, Solo Show, Hotel du Parc, Neuilly-sur-Seine


10 selected international artists for Mavericks: Warriors, Fighters and Badass goddesses of the Verse, Nfts exhibition, curated by Auronda Scalera and Alfredo Cramerotti. Decentral Art Pavilion from Venice Biennale x SuperRare

Désolé Madame, Jps Foundation, collective exhibition, Paris

Art Me, Galerie Charlot, collective and interactive exhibition, Paris

Galerie A, collective exhibition of drawings, Grimaud, south of France



Artschild, collective exhibition, Paris

Galerie A, collective exhibition, Grimaud, south of France

Projection of the performance "Freedom", place of Grimaud, south of France

Resident at Poush manifesto, Paris


Work in collaboration with Smith367 on 1984 performance project.


Performance at the "Musée des Arts Forains"

"Cherchez Brigitte" Galerie Marguerite Milin, solo exhibition, Paris


"Le pied à terre" Galerie Au Médicis, collective exhibition, Paris 
"Diamant noir" Galerie Déborah Touboul, collective exhibition, Paris 


Château des Tourelles, solo exhibition, Le Plessis Trévise, France

D By Art, solo exhibition, Paris
Exposition collective Recyclable Art Fair, Ilegaleria, Sitges, Espagne 

Out Of Africa, collective exhibition, Sitges, Espagne



“Natural”, collective exhibition, La Sauvage Compagnie, Paris 

Galerie Vezelay Art, solo exhibition, Bourgogne



“Reflet dans un oeil d’or”, Galerie Vezelay Art, Vézelay, collective exhibition, Bourgogne




The green fellows Performance since 2020 in France (Paris, Deauville, Saint Tropez, Lyon,…), USA (Los Angeles, Las Vegas) and Mexico (Todos Santos)


Freedom performance with the musician Casey Abrams, partnership with La Vie en rose association.


Performance at the "Musée des Arts Forains », Paris


Chupa Chups, surrealist performance with Leonardo Marcos at le Tigre, Paris

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