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The green fellow hands us the apple of Eve, credits: Lou Levy

Marie Serruya is a plastic artist who develops her imagination to the fullest extent, representing the human comedy through different artistic media. She is a comedian, a plastic artist, a sculptor and film director. 

Born into an artistic family, her childhood was marked by the successive discovery of theater, cinema, photography, drawing, painting, creative process, fashion, music... 

She developed a sharp sense for observing the world around her: the source of her multifaceted expression.


From sculpture to comedy, from performance to installation, from knife throwing to dance, she extracts her inspiration from her surroundings and experiences, which she varies as much as possible.  

Taking inspiration from theater, masks and faces, her portraits designed in clay, enamel, watercolor, gouache, gold leaf, bronze, video and other media, whether minute or gigantic, static or animated, are the guiding theme of her work. 

A keen observer, it is by taking a sharp look at the men and women who cross her path that she develops her unique and delightfully offbeat universe. 

Her approach is marked by her need to put the public in action through her works. Her work aims to develop a total interactivity between the viewer and the artwork and uses humour and play as her primary means of expression.


A work in perpetual gestation. 



                                                                                                    Heidi Leigh, AFA NYC

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